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Born in Mobile, Alabama and raised throughout the Southeastern United States, Dr. Jonathan Koh has experienced many different cultural settings that place valuable perspectives on social, political, economic, and cultural views. As the grandson of a southern, desegregation era high school principal and teacher, son of an elementary teacher and minister, and the husband of an elementary teacher, education has been and still is the focal point of his life. Jonathan Koh earned his B.S. in Political Science, a Master of Public Administration, and Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration while working as Research Coordinator for the Education Policy Center at the UA.

In five years serving as the Director of Grants and Governmental Relations at SSCC, Dr. Koh doubled external revenues for grant funded projects each year. Now serving as the Dean of Workforce and Economic Development, Koh is seeking to enhance impact of all grant funded initiatives, adult education services, workforce development training, work-based learning, career-technical education by aligning SSCC programs and services through regional value streams meeting industry need.

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