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Project Director
The University of Alabama

Allen S. Parrish is Executive Director of the Alabama Transportation Institute and Professor of Computer Science at The University of Alabama. Previously, Dr. Parrish was Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Mississippi State University, and Professor of Cyber Science and Founding Chair of the Department of Cyber Science at The United States Naval Academy, where he helped to start the cyber operations program. During his tenure at the Naval Academy, the program became one of the first four ABET accredited cybersecurity programs in the country and grew to be one of the largest programs at the academy.

Dr. Parrish previously served for 26 years on the faculty at The University of Alabama in a variety of roles, including Professor of Computer Science, Associate Vice President for Research, and Founding Director of the Center for Advanced Public Safety. Throughout his career, Dr. Parrish has obtained approximately well over 200 funded projects totaling over $100M from a variety of state and federal sponsors. Dr. Parrish has published in refereed journals and conferences in areas as diverse as data science, software engineering, transportation safety and technology education. Dr. Parrish received a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from The Ohio State University.

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